This User Agreement has power since You agreed it through Your registering on Chess-Online portal.

1. Subject of User Agreement

You are welcomed to a Chess-Online portal. Chess-Online provides to You its services by the following rules, which are a Subject of this User Agreement (UA). User Agreement can be changed by us without any special notification, a new version of User Agreement will come to effect on the expiry of 3 (three) days from its publishing if different way not specified in a new version of UA. Being in force version of UA always can be found by a following link:

2. Services description

Chess-Online invites users for a wide spectrum of online services, including chess interface, forums, blogs etc. All existing at this moment services as well as any its development and/or new services addition are a Subject of this User Agreement. You are understand and agree that all services are given “as is” and administration of Chess-Online not responds for any delays, failures, wrong or untimely delivering, removed or not saved some user’s information. For using Chess-Online services You need to have a PC and Internet access (WWW). All issues regarding buying rights for Internet access, buying and installation for these usages of hardware and software You must solve by Yourself and it is not regulated by this User Agreement.

3. Your commitments with registration

For using of Chess-Online services You agree to provide us with truthful, direct and complete personal information regarding questions in a Registration Form and to keep this information an actual state. If You represent wrong information or administration of Chess-Online has serious reasons to think what Your information is not truthful, not direct or not complete, Chess-Online have a right to suspend or to cancel Your registration and to deny Your using of our services (or its parts).

4. Registration, password and safety

At the end of registration You will get a login and password for access to a personal part of Chess-Online services. You have a responsibility for Your login and password safety and also for all what will be done on Chess-Online portal under Your login and password. Chess-Online has a right to deny of using some logins and/or withdraw from circulation these logins. You are agree what You must immediately inform Chess-Online in any fact of not authorized (not allowed by You) access under Your login and password to Chess-Online and/or about any violation of safety, also You are agree what You must to finish Your work under Your login and password with Chess-Online services by Yourself (“Exit” button) at the end of each session Your working with Chess-Online services. Chess-Online has no responsibility in fact of missing or failure data, what can be present by Your violation of this part of UA.

5. Registered user behavior

You are understand and agree, what for all information, data, text, software, musical content, sounds, photos, graphical content, video, messages and other materials (content) allocated in general access or shared personally has responsibility a person, who has created this content. It means what You, but not Chess-Online, are fully responsible for all content which You upload, send, share or some another way make it accessible with help of Chess-Online services. Chess-Online not control whole content goes through its services and, therefore, not guarantee of this content’s validity, fullness and quality. You are understand what during usage of Chess-Online services You can watch a content what may be insulting, dishonourable or questionable for You. In any case has not responsibility for any content, created by users of its services.

You are agreed to not use Chess-Online services for:

  1. uploading, sending, sharing or any another method of allocation a content, which is illegal, harmful, threatening, slanderous, outraging of morality, violating of author’s rights, propagandising of hate and/or people discrimination by race, ethnic, sexual, religious, social characters, contains insults for specified persons or organizations;
  2. violation of under-age’s rights and/or their trespassing in any form;
  3. injury of minorities;
  4. pretending another person or representative of some organization and/or community without sufficient rights for it, including pretending employee of Chess-Online, forum moderators, site owner and also misleading persons about behaviours and characteristics of some persons or objects.
  5. uploading, sending, sharing or any another way of content allocation, which You have no rights to make accessible by lows of Russian Federation or by some contract obligations.
  6. uploading, sending, sharing or any another way of content allocation, which take affect to some patent, trade mark, commercial classified information, copyright or another rights of property and/or author’s and adjoining to it rights of third person.
  7. uploading, sending, sharing or any another way of allocation not allowed by special agreement advertising information, spam (including searching), lists of somebody else's e-mails, “pyramid “ schemes, multilevel marketing schemes (MLM), internet-earnings and e-mail business, “letters of happiness”, also using Chess-Online services to taking part in these activities (sending uncoordinated e-mails with links to Chess-Online services, including e-mail addresses, websites, bookmarks, etc.) may be considered as violation of this bullet even if it will done without direct using of Chess-Online services.
  8. uploading, sending, sharing or any another way of some content allocation which contains viruses or another codes, files or software for violation, destruction or functionality limitation any computing or telecommunicating equipment, software for unauthorized access, serial keys for commercial software and software for its generation, logins, passwords and any another tools for getting an unauthorized access for payment resources in Internet and also placement of links to foregoing information;
  9. wilful violation of local, Russian legislation or standards of international law;
  10. collecting and storing personal data of another persons;
  11. breaching of Chess-Online normal functionality;
  12. placing links to web-resources, which content is in conflict with actual Russian Federation’s legislation;
  13. helping in activities for violation of limits and prohibitions from this agreement.

You are admit, what Chess-Online not obliged to control whole content before its placement and, also, what Chess-Online has a rule (but not obligation) by its opinion to deny a placement or to remove any content, which is accessible through its services.

You are understand, what technology of services operation may have requires for Your content transmitting via nets and also for its conversion due technical requirements.

6. Rights of Chess-Online registration using

You are agree not reproduce, not repeat and not copy, not sell and not resell and also not use for some commercial goals any parts of Chess-Online services, using of these services or access to it for any goals, except obtaining special permission from Chess-Online. After registration, You will get a non-negotiable right it’s using (using of a login and a password) for access to Chess-Online services. You have no rights for registration sharing with third person and also You have no rights to get it from third person no doubt as written approval from Chess-Online. Chess-Online has no responsibility for any agreements between You and third side.

7. General regulations about using and storing.

You are admit, what Chess-Online can to establish limitations in services using, including: period of storing games, messages or another content, maximum quantity of games what can be began by one user simultaneously, maximum quantity of requests to some service in specified time period, etc. Chess-Online can to deny an automatic request to its services and also to stop of receiving any auto-generated information (for example, e-mail spam). Administration of Chess-Online can send to Your users informing messages. Chess-Online has no responsibility for any delays, damages, wrong or delayed delivering, removed or not saved some personal information. You are agree, what Chess-Online has a right to remove users which not use their access for a long time. Also You are admit, what Chess-Online can change rules and limitations in any time with or without preliminary notification.

You are agree, what Your Login, all Your games, ratings, all allocated by You information are a property of Chess-Online and we have a right to remove, to correct, to move this information by our own bat. As user of Chess-Online services You are agree, what information allocated by You will stored in a database.

You are agree, what Chess-Online not guarantee of supporting more than two registrations created with help of Chess-Online by one user. Moreover using of some services with several registrations for one user is directly denied.

You are agree, what any materials, allocated by You at Chess-Online services in general access, may be used by Chess-Online’s own bat without any fee.

8. Registration cancelling

You are agree, what Chess-Online has a right to cancel the action of Your login and password to any of its services and to remove any content by any reason including no using of access or UA violation.

Chess-Online can to stop any of its services in any moment with or without preliminary notification. Also Chess-Online has no responsibility in termination of access to its services.

9. Links

Chess-Online services can contain links to other resources. You are admit and agree what Chess-Online has no responsibility for these resources accessibility, and for its content and also for any aftereffects from its using.

11. Privacy

Chess-Online automatically get and store in server’s logs a technical information from Your browser: IP address, cookie and address of requesting page.

Also You are asked about Your e-mail address, which is used for entry and authorization to Chess-Online services or if administration need to contact with You in extraordinary cases. This address will never been accessible to others users or third persons.

Chess-Online not sells and not discloses a personal user’s information for anybody.

Chess-Online has a right to give a personal user’s information to third side only in cases of:

  • requesting from Russian or International legislation and/or from authorities with compliance of a legal procedure
  • You have violated this UA or UA with one of projects-partners of Chess-Online


Chess-Online can to write cookies onto user’s PC and to read it after that.

11. Properties of Chess-Online

You are admit and agree, what Chess-Online services and all needed software associated with it, contain a confidential information which is protected by intelligence property laws and others Russian and international laws and content, represented to You during using Chess-Online services, is protected by author’s laws, trademarks and others applicable laws. Except cases, were specially defined by Chess-Online or its advertisers. You agree to not modify, not sell, not share this content or software in complete or by parts.


Chess-Online gives to You a personal, non-exclusive and non-negotiable right to use a software in its services on the assumption of You or third persons with Your help will not to copy or to change this software; will not to create software derived from it; will not to intrude into this software for obtaining of source codes; will not to sell, to let somebody have, to lease, to share with third side in any another form of property software of Chess-Online services, given to You by UA, and also will not to modify services including modifications for unauthorized access to it.

12. Guarantee disclaimer

You are understood and agree what:

  1. You use of Chess-Online services at Your own risk. Services are given to You “as is”. Chess-Online has no any responsibility, including of inequality services for Your needs.
  2. Chess-Online not guarantee what: services will correspond with Your requirements; services will be in using contiguous, quick, reliably and without mistakes; results being obtained by using services will be correct and reliable; quality of some product, service, information, etc being obtained by using services will correspond with Your waiting; all troubles in software will being solved.
  3. Any materials, getting by You with help of Chess-Online services, You can use on Your own risk, You are responsible for any probable damaging of Your PC or Your data in result of its downloading.
  4. Chess-Online has no responsibility for any direct or indirect losses, coming from: using or impossibility of using of services; unauthorized access to Your communication tools; affirmation or action of third person in services.

13. General information

UA is a legally binding contract between You and Chess-Online and it regulates Your using of Chess-Online services. By adequate contracts, You may have additional liabilities regarding of using others services and also content or software belonged to a third side.

You and Chess-Online agreed what all possible conflicts regarding UA will be solved by rules of Russian legislation.

Considering non-payment services, getting by You under this UA, rules of consumer protection cannot be applicable.

Nothing in UA cannot be understood as establishment between You and Chess-Online an agentive relations, friendly relations, relations of common action, relations of personal hireling, or any others relations not directly covered by this UA.

The recognition by court any condition of UA as invalid or as not required to forced execution, not followed to invalidity or impracticability of others its conditions.

Inactivity of Chess-Online in case of Your or others users violation of UA conditions don’t deprives Chess-Online with right to make suitable actions for defence of its interests later an also it not means what Chess-Online refuses from its right in case of future similar violations will happen.


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