Username can consist only of Latin characters, numbers, dashes, and underscores (from 1 to 80 characters).

As a username it's forbidden to use:

  • offensive, desecrating, rude or racist names, including curses, anatomical names, racist insults of their homonyms;
  • offensive words (for example, Samdurak, Youislooser);
  • religious, occult or important historical names (for example, Jesus, Allah, Satan, Hitler, Hell, Demon);
  • names of drugs and devices for their use (eg, ecstasy, hashish, marijuana, cannabis).

All usernames that fall under the above categories are subject to immediate blocking and/or deletion without prior notice and any compensation. User accounts can not be renamed.

It is extremely undesirable to use:

  • brand names of products, services or concepts (eg Marlboro, Sony, Band-Aid).
  • names of famous people, including fictional (for example, Bill_Clinton, Britney_Spears, Harry_Potter).

Questions related to the use of the names of this category will be decided by the Administration on an individual basis.


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